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Working from home effectively

As we approach a second lockdown in the UK, we are back in that familiar boat of working from home full time again. So here at nimbld we thought it might be time for a few more tips on how to do this effectively, whether you're an employer or an employee.

Some may have been working from home for extended periods even before the pandemic started - and others may feel like seasoned experts by this point! But particular challenges are likely familiar to us all, regardless of the industry we're in or the work we do.

So without further ado #giveussometips!

Tip #1 - Set some boundaries!

This first tip really needs no introduction: by this point one of the largest challenges in working from home is that all-familiar seamless blurring of "home time" and "work time", where we start working at all hours to make up for the fact that we may be feeling less effective than usual.

Do not fall down the trap of tumbling out of bed and onto your desk! Make sure you take enough self-care time built into your day, and where your work allows for flexible hours - make sure you still stick to a timetable. This will also minimise out-of-hours contact from colleagues for example. Your sleep hygiene, health, and relationships will thank you.

Tip #2 - Get into the right mindset

While we all seem to have adapted quickly to changing circumstances, getting the most out of a new home workspace can still take some extra discipline and care.

After all the years we have all been working from offices we likely have come to associate that familiar space with the ritual of work, immediately switching our brain-gears into productivity mode as we walk through the door. This could be a problem when working from home, as you might find yourself working from a space that you tend to instead associate with relaxation.

As such we recommend resisting the lure of working from the sofa, and have a dedicated space to work from. If a separate home office (with a door you can close after you at the end of the day!) if not possible and you find yourself confined to the dinner or kitchen table, how about setting up a nice, pleasant space? Add some motivational quotes to the wall, maybe some flowers, or a little potted plant. Research shows that for some reason we are more productive in the presence of plants!

Tip #3 - Minimise distractions

I'm a big fan of the Pomodoro method. Set a timer to give a certain task your full attention, and after that give yourself some well-earned space to go make a cup of tea, browse social media, reply to your text messages, etc. There are plenty of apps out there that can help, I personally simply use this.

Also don't forget to get up and stretch! Here's a great little routine you can try at your desk:


Remember to move your body at regular intervals. Whereas in a traditional office we may have the lure of the watercooler or coffee machine, at home we likely will find ourselves stationary at our desks for longer periods of time, which is really quite terrible for our health.

Tip #4 - Don't forget about your team!

Team motivation can suffer from the distance as we all work remotely for extended periods. We can feel disconnected, from others and from the work that we do. When we feel less purposeful, we will also be less productive and more prone to increased feelings of stress. Purpose is very powerful in work and in life, and it's important to keep our "Why" front and centre of our minds - and when working with a team, keeping connected with them will certainly play a part.

There is a wealth of team collaboration tools out there that we recommend, depending on the sector you're in, here are some of our favourites, many of which we use here at nimbld!

Tip #5 - Remember to disconnect

After all is said and done, remember that there is more to life than work, and make sure to have some time away from screens, not just from work!

We now spend more time in front of screens than before the beginning of this pandemic, and mindfully disconnecting from constant news updates (no "doomscrolling"!) as well as from that constant, dopamine-draining drip-drip of notifications and short-form content will do wonders to replenish energy levels, whether those be physical, cognitive, or emotional. Time for a Digital Detox, perhaps?

About nimbld

nimbld is a flexible co-working platform where you can find flexible, affordable, and most importantly, safe hot-desks to work from, near you. #endthecommute

If you have empty desks in your office while your workforce is remote, you can also monetise these on nimbld!

It is also entirely FREE to join, whether you are:

- a NIMBLER in search of desks, or

- a HOST, with an office with rental costs... which is lying empty.

On nimbld, you will be able to:

- Find flexible, affordable workspaces wherever you are

- List your available spaces so you can draw a revenue from them in these challenging times!

NIMBLD BETA is coming to London in November 2020!

Sign up now to register your interest, or feel free to drop me an IM if you would like to know more, or have questions!

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