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What is nimbld?

The Freelance workforce is growing three times faster than the standard job market. Yet we contend with ever downward pressure on our fees, with clients who pay late (or don't pay!), with isolation and loneliness, with procrastination and burnout.

We say enough.

nimbld is currently under construction. We are planning to begin closed testing in June 2020, and to release our pilot version of the service by July 2020. A fuller version of the platform will emerge later in the year.

nimbld helps you find hyper-flexible, affordable workspaces wherever you are, as well as to find new opportunities, projects, co-working buddies, make new friends, and find the connections you need in order to grow professionally and personally.

What would you do with an extra £1200 each year?

The average Londoner spends 2 hours a day commuting. That's 10 hours a week, 480 hours over a year - or... 20 days! We spend nearly an entire additional month travelling to and from our habitual places of work. We also spend an average of close to £100 a month for the privilege of wasting our time.


Local is best - the solution for less pollution!

(...and we're a poet and didn't know it)

You'd be surprised at the talent you can find just down the street from you. Small business owners, freelancers in areas that complement yours, potential new clients, new projects, new friends, new colleagues. There are also many, many under-utilised spaces, so much untapped potential.

nimbld is coming to London very soon.

Be a part of the revolution.

A Revolution is Coming. Sign up for the Beta Waitlist below!

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