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NIMBLD is nearly here!

nimbld is a flexible, affordable workspace platform, one that will help you find safe, clean offices to work from, near you.

Fed up of working from home?

Same here - the solution is to #worknearhome.

This way, we:

- reduce carbon emissions from traffic

- optimize our week by #endingthecommute

- boost our productivity

- get our working days back, instead of working at all hours

- stave off burnout

- still get some of those lovely social benefits all the same, while working in Covid-19 safe offices, near you.

As if this didn't sound great already ( ahem 😆) ... nimbld is also an online community for freelancers, digital nomads, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. By joining you will gain access to a network where you can make friends, and find any connections you need in order to grow professionally and personally.

It is also entirely FREE to join, whether you are:

- a NIMBLER in search of desks, or

- a HOST, with an office with rental costs... which is lying empty.

On nimbld, you will be able to:

- Find flexible, affordable places wherever you are

- List your available spaces so you can draw a revenue from them in these challenging times!

BETA TRIAL is coming! Sign up now to register your interest, or feel free to drop me an IM if you would like to know more, or have questions!


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