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Keeping it nimbld #4 Jason Elliott

This week, on Keeping it nimbld: Jason Elliott (British Recycled Plastic, Hebden Bridge Blues Festival and much more) joins us this week to share some of this wisdom accrued along the journey, and what the common thread is that links: running a business, managing remote teams, living in multiple countries, being a guitar aficionado, and building the UK's most successful Blues Festival from the ground up!


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About Jason:

After leaving school with a handful of O levels, Jason has been a busker, a ski guide, led Land Rover expeditions into the mountains, run award-winning music festivals and set up several businesses.

He's now the founder and Managing Director of British Recycled Plastic, helping the sustainability efforts of organisations large and small, from local schools and parish councils to the NHS, the RAF and the National Trust.

About Keeping it nimbld:

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