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Keeping it nimbld #3 Louise Myson

This week, on Keeping it nimbld: Louise Myson from Culture15 & Coode Associates. Culture can often feel like a nebulous, high-level concept that should only concern large corporations. Louise disagrees and stresses that every organisation has a culture, whether they are aware of it or not, and that indeed - it is best to be aware and consciously create the company you want to have, with the right values, from the outset. This is especially true of fast-growing companies such as start-ups and scale-ups. Don't miss this week's episode!


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About Louise:

Louise is a people change professional with over 15 years’ experience leading people and cultural change in the UK and internationally. She has a proven track record in designing and delivering complex cultural change strategies, and helping organisations to articulate and embed their target cultures, with a focus on behavioural outcomes, employee engagement and business performance.

Currently a senior consultant for culture measurement consultancy Culture15, Louise leads the design and delivery of culture measurement programmes to inform, underpin and track the progress of effective organisational change.

Louise’s career spans both consulting and in-house environments and for the eight years prior to joining Culture15 Louise led the culture and employee engagement agendas for a number of well-known UK and international organisations, including UK telecommunications company TalkTalk, the London Stock Exchange Group, and global consulting firm, PA Consulting. Prior to that, Louise spent a number of years consulting on people change and engagement strategies with communications consultancy Freuds, working across a range of sectors, including FMCG and retail.

About Keeping it nimbld:

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