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Keeping it nimbld #2 Sandra Kimball

We have a special treat today on Keeping it nimbld: Sandra Kimball Principal at PRIME PR, straight out of Austin, Texas. She speaks to us from many years spent in one of the main startup hubs in the world, Austin, during which she has nurtured countless startups from inception to multiple successful funding rounds and beyond. She shares with us her wisdom in that it is never too early in your startup entrepreneurial journey to think about your Marketing and PR!


Weinberg, G., Mares, J. (2015). Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth. Penguin.

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About Sandra:

Sandra began her career in the traditional way with a tax role at KPMG, where she eventually found herself sucked into a “45 minute” consulting project that turned into 7 months and resulted in a $100 million investment in the firm. Her entrepreneurial spirit was awakened and she left the firm to pursue a real estate career while her husband attended dental school.

Developing out various high end neighborhoods between Austin and Houston was satisfying, but left Sandra without much time for her growing family. After twelve years, she was recruited by a dynamic Sales VP to run national sales for an energy management startup.

Eventually, she was asked to start a Partner Channel, which she did with a bootstrap budget and a great network. The company went from local to global, with installations in seven states to 24 states and seven countries within 18 months.

Today, Sandra is Partner of PRIME PR, an integrated Marketing and Public Relations firm. The firm serves a broad spectrum of clients from legal to aviation to chemical analysis to building certification to nonprofits. Specializing in deep technical communication, Sandra enjoys the process of taking companies from founding to acquisition and transforming established brands to profitable industry leaders.

She advises several companies and mentors some of the brightest talent in Austin.

She can be found taking conference calls on the trail or the lake while bragging about her three amazing children.

About Keeping it nimbld:

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