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Keeping it nimbld #1 Christine Skaar

We are very excited to announce the return of our podcast, Keeping it nimbld! And who better to join us on this return than Christine Skaar, Architect and Founder of KVIST Interior Design, and mother of one. She shares with us her wisdom on keeping your sanity and business thriving while balancing the demands of entrepreneurship while raising a family.


KVIST Boutique Launch - don't miss it!

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About Christine:

Christine is a Norwegian interior designer and experienced Architect. As Director of KVIST Interior Design she works closely with homeowners and independent creative businesses to design and deliver their dream projects, enjoyably!

Christine has delivered architectural and interiors schemes for the award-winning Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall Hotel, creative recording complexes for TEN87 Studios and The Qube in London, as well as homely domestic projects across England.

Christine is an ARB registered RIBA Chartered Architect and an Associate of the British Institute of Interior Design.

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Thanks for your support, and let's keep it nimbld!

Carla ;)


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