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I bring with me a highly unusual background, spanning across multiple countries, languages and cultures, as well as multiple industries. My 25 year long professional journey has taken me across many sectors, from fashion, to music, to music management, to international sports events, to football, to events, to IT and tech, running a small events company, security/policing, film, psychology and the development of human potential, and back to tech. Now, I am the Founder & CEO of nimbld

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I am the Founder & CEO of nimbld, a platform for freelancers and digital nomads to find flexible, affordable workspaces near them.

Much of the freelancer life is currently a race to the bottom: a relentless bidding for jobs driving fees down, and the isolation that working by yourself can bring.

nimbld is coming to raise the game for freelancers and remote workers.

It is an agile, flexible, and most importantly, affordable, hot-desk hire marketplace. More than that, it is a Community.

Our map-based service allows you to find flexible workspaces wherever you are, as well as to find co-working buddies, and find the connections you need in order to grow professionally and personally.

If you have spare desks in your office you can list them on nimbld and make extra revenue!

With nimbld you get the watercooler conversations with none of the office politics.

It is our vision to start an upward momentum: a rising tide which lifts all the boats, setting you free to work from wherever best serves you.


With nimbld, together we are more.

nimbld is currently running

its first investment round. This is an unparalleled opportunity to be a part of something this early in the journey. 

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