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Passionate about solving problems
 and making ideas into reality.

This is me

I bring with me a highly unusual background, spanning across multiple countries, languages and cultures, as well as multiple industries. My 25 year long professional journey has taken me across many sectors, from fashion, to music, to music management, to international sports events, to football, to events, to IT and tech, running an events SMB, security/policing, film, psychology and the development of human potential, and back to tech. Now, I after my first startup (nimbld), as well as a few other startup projects, I am now Co-Founder & COO at PLAYHAUS, a Web3 tool for users of the internet to organize, maintain, and leverage their personal data and digital identity inside of a cryptographic wallet & single sign on tool. Find out more here, or join our Discord.

Strategy  Project Management 

 Product Development 
Marketing Strategy 

 Branding   Operations

Events Production    Public Relations

 Creative Initiatives

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